Inspiration from Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue.

Not all humanity is heartless, as this wonderful horsewoman shows through her actions. Please support her and others rescue efforts.

Relaxed & Forward: AnnaBlakeBlog

WMFjordPair Viking re-homed, Beryl still looking.

Some rescue groups prove their point by showing graphic photos of the very worst cases of abuse and neglect. These horrific images cower in a dark corner of my brain forever. Their torture leaves a mark on us, too. Maybe people think that the more blood-dried wounds, protruding bones and dull eyes I see, the more I will care.

I wonder how many of us get inspired by the gore, versus the number of us that just shut down. We look away because we are full to the top with pleading eyes and it just rubs salt in the wound, not that the wound was anywhere near healing in the first place.

“You can’t save them all!” That’s what my mother said when I was little and it still puts a lump in my throat. What a sorry excuse for inaction. What a petty reason…

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration from Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue.

  1. I really am not a horse fan, and I know very little about horses, and I tend to (ssshhhhh!) get just a little bored by horses. My lack, I know. BUT – the point she makes about “enough with the blood and gore already” is so on target. You don’t get people involved by beating them up with the worst there is. There has to be hope that efforts will have a positive effect. And that gets achieved by – showing something positive.

    Really, a great post, and filled with lessons for every sort of situation.

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