Snapshots of Penola Festival

Last Saturday I travelled to Penola to see some of the events taking place during the Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival.

The weather was perfect – no rain, no wind – couldn’t ask for more!

There was too much for me to take in with limited time, but what I did see was great and it was so nice to chat with other creative people.  Here’s a brief overview of some that I saw.



7 thoughts on “Snapshots of Penola Festival

  1. Wonderful photos. I enjoyed reading about the festival, too. I was especially interested in “The performance – ‘A Dawne Chorus Extravaganza’ – features an astonishing array of Australian bird calls by performance artist Justine Engdahl.” Did you get a chance to hear her? I couldn’t find anything about her online except for the festival info.

    • I went to the opening night of the festival, to see the awards of the art prizes. Many people said the quality was higher than previous years, and certainly there were several works I’d be happy to hang on my walls. I did pick the winner, and runner up 🙂 and was very happy that a local artist I know got a highly recommended. I live quite a distance from the town otherwise I’d have seen more events, including the bird calls, although a friend was going to see it, and I hope to find out from him how it was. Most of my time was taken up at a photography workshop – more on that later.

    • Yes, I drooled at the MG also Bryan – yes, its in full working order. My indulgence vehicle for when I strike it rich, is a Citroen 2CV.

  2. Look like you had a great time and I love the pictures you took. So many artists all over the world. Nice to discover them in your blog. I think of you often and I miss those long exchanges we had on messenger. I will email you i thing or get a direct phone line to Australia 😀

    • Many thanks Francis. I miss our chats also. It’s a different life I have to live now, more pressure on keeping on top of things. But am trying to make sense of it all….
      Maybe we could try carrier pigeons? 🙂

  3. Hi Enivea, I have had the privilege of seeing Justine in her role as Dawne Chorus here in Castlemaine. Her performance is unique and truly entertaining. She is quite a mimic.

    I think the fat, self satisfied looking frog is quite a character. The old shed decorated with various bits of iron would look right at home in Roger McKindley’s sculpture garden in Newstead. Roger is also quite a character.

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