Household gas bills to increase by $162-00

Let the people be well informed and not duped by corporations and governments.


by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

‘It’s a hard narrative to sell, to a community, to a government, that we are going to increase production of gas and we are going to export it, and in the meantime, domestic gas supplies will be diminished and domestic prices will go up. I’m a politician and I’m pretty good at selling a story, but I’d find that a tough one to sell’. Colin Barnett, Premier WA

Coal Seam Gas Will Cost YOU More
Fact Sheet: East Coast Gas Supply in Australia
Quick Facts
• The CSG export industry is causing domestic gas prices to rise by linking us to world prices
• In 2015 they will increase gas bills by up to $162/yr for households and $625/yr for businesses
• Wholesale gas prices will triple, causing up to 100,000 direct manufacturing jobs to be lost
• In total, rising prices will…

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