Without the humble bee, the ecosystem and global food production will be doomed.

It’s a problem the world over – but it needn’t be, if only humans changed THEIR behaviour.

The 1910 Co

“Syngenta, Bayer and BASF’s bee-killing pesticides put global bee populations at risk. But without bees, the ecosystem and global food production will be doomed.”

− Francesco Panella, beekeeper and president of Bee Life European Beekeeping Coordination.


Picture courtesy of  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/


Syngenta, Bayer & BASF (“the bee-killers”) are giant multinational companies that produce and sell highly toxic pesticides, which are mass-killing bees and other pollinators essential for the environment, agriculture and global food production and don’t think for one minute we’re immune from this stupidity.

We indeed need to be vigilant here in Australia too and ask for the same bans – in fact I’ve noticed in the Southern Highlands a real decrease in bees down here in the last 10 years – please read the rest of this article and you’ll see the situation we could all find ourselves in.

The business with bee-killing pesticides generates a profit of…

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