The Yellowtailed Black Cockatoo have been visiting me again, or should I say, my local water trough and the nearby pine trees.  They seem to visit about twice a year, and stay for a few weeks each time.  Their call is quite distinctive, and carries over a distance, so I usually hear them long before I see them.

These parrots are not as easy to get close to as some other species, but I was lucky enough to get these shots while they circled their favourite area.  One day I’ll get a bigger zoom on my camera, to get more wildlife shots…..  but then again, I’d also like a macro lens!  Hmm…..  guess I’ll be waiting a while for them.


And one day, I too shall fly away…..


5 thoughts on “Kee-ow

  1. What beautiful birds. That’s quite a pair on the right in the top photo. Their tails in flight are spectacular.

    I like the song, too. But it’s not the song I thought it was. “Our” bluegrass standard called “I’ll fly away” is one of my favorites — as is Alison Krause.

  2. Yellow tailed black cockatoos – lucky you, Enivea. When I lived in Ferntree Gully, there was a female casuarina in my garden. From time to time a yellow tailed black cockatoo would come in to check out the cones. I have also been lucky enough to observe them extracting the seeds from pine cones.

    I guess the planting of pine plantations was an unexpected bonus for the cockies as their natural habitat began disappearing. It is a worry though that suitable nesting sites in old eucalypts are scarce.

    I have seen them around Castlemaine but so far, at a distance, as they fly overhead

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