When it’s holiday time, the tourists arrive.

My local town of Robe is a popular holiday spot, for visitors from nearby and interstate, (and overseas) particularly during the summer months.  There was a recent long weekend in SA and Victoria, and when I popped into town, it was really buzzing.  Perfect opportunity to do a little street photography.



11 thoughts on “When it’s holiday time, the tourists arrive.

    • Ha! At least I can choose whether to go into town or not, depending on my mood. But trying to do street photography when no-one is around is somewhat difficult, so I’m happy to see them. Another time another place my reaction wasn’t quite the same…..

  1. This area was abuzz over the long weekend, Enivea. There were open studios in Castlemaine – lots of art, the puppet festival in Maldon, the Mineral Springs wine and food festival in Taradale and Applefest in Harcourt.

    I had a great time at the Applefest. The ferret races were a hoot.

  2. It’s spring break for the schools now, but the weather hasn’t been the most cooperative. Yesterday it blew 30 kts all day and all night. Ah, well.

    I tend to grump about the tourist season, because most of the tourist attractions lie along the water, between me and my work. There’s only one bridge to get across the channel, and the trip back and forth can be long and frustrating, The solution is to go the long-way around, but that adds time to the trip.

    Still, there are merchants and artists making their living from those tourists, and tourists enjoying themselves, so I don’t grump too loudly. Besides, we’re all glad for the coming spring, when it will be possible to get out again without having to bundle up like Nanook of the North!

    Wonderful photos. My favorite is the boots. I’m not sure we have anything like that. Are they a fashion statement only, or a dressed up version of a common practicality?

    • My sympathies for the issues you’re facing Linda. Hopefully all will be resolved soon.
      The boots are a bit of both – it does get awfully wet down here over winter, so rubber boots are very practical, and it’s nice to get away from the drabness of black. I actually wear rubber boots almost all year round – in summer I feel somewhat safer wearing them as slight protection against stepping on a snake accidently. Just yesterday Fred tried to take on the biggest tiger snake I’ve ever seen, down at the paddock gate, and it was a nerve wracking time for a while – thankfully he was not bitten but it was too close for comfort.

      • Funny – most of the boots worn around here by the shrimpers are white. Do you call yours Wellies? I have a British friend who wears them in her garden, and that’s the name she uses.

      • Wellington is very much a British term, and so is sometimes used here. White is used here also by the fishermen, so it could be a regulation requirement. I’d like a pair of white ones I could paint designs onto, although I doubt I’d get ones small enough for my pin feet. I’m due for a new pair this winter, but they have to be just right otherwise they simply won’t do!

  3. When I was living in the Lake District there were around 15 million people visiting every year, but the majority in summer. Summer wasn’t a great time to be there, but it was when most people made a living to be there in the winter…which was delightfully uncrowded. The transition between the two was always amazing.

    • It’s difficult for me to comprehend that many people visiting Paul – we think it’s busy here when the population over Christmas swells to 2,000! When I visited the Lake’s District it was early autumn and I didn’t feel it was crowded. Absolutely fell in love with the area, and spent much longer there exploring than I’d intended. Very fond memories…..

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