Fred saves us once again!

Dear Fred alerted me again today, of a snake in the back yard, close to the house.  I went into a flurry of activity, putting Fred safely indoors, grabbing more snake nets to cast over it, phoning for assistance and grabbing long handled shovel.   At one stage the snake appeared to be wriggling backwards out of the net, so I had to take swift action, not wanting it to escape.  Hmm…. nothing like getting the heart rate pumping!  Anyway, I had it pinned down, and then had to wait a further 20 mins for help to arrive.  It was then dealt with swiftly, and buried near the other snake.  This time it was a brown snake, about four feet long.  And yes, they are extremely poisonous.  I think this could have been the one I almost stepped on a few weeks ago….  at least I won’t have to worry about this particular one again.

Fred got special thanks once again♥

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere he is speaking to Merriwether, when we were out on our morning walk today.


8 thoughts on “Fred saves us once again!

    • He didn’t have to wait that long, he got special treats straight away! And he knows when he’s been clever, and that’s something he simply LOVES to be!

  1. Bless his heart – what a good boy he is. It sounds like he clearly knows his business. Once could be a fluke. Twice? Not so much. There’s just nothing like a good dog. I’m glad for everyone’s sake he’s around.

    • He’s a dear little soul who takes his task of looking after the household very seriously. He may be small in statue but he’s huge in heart. Don’t think you’re getting my sunshine yet, but soon, I promise, soon 🙂

    • Yes, I think all the local snakes are poisonous, some more deadly than others. No pythons around here that I’ve heard of.

  2. This is a lovely photo of Fred and Merriwether together, Enivea. I like the long shadows stretching across the grass.

    Another snake story to add to your store. I think any person who has spent time wandering around the Australian countryside has at least one story to share about their encounter with a snake.

    • I had some snake stories from my childhood in suburbia Margaret, as new suburban developments disturbed the local snake inhabitants. At least I didn’t have the experience of a friend of mine, who once opened the door to the sleepout and found herself eye to eye with a snake who was standing up in surprise! She slammed the door shut pretty quickly!!

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