Filling the canvas

One of the photographers who inspires me, is David duChemin, and his recent blog post certainly hits the mark.

……. reminding me how deeply we can live when we get intentional about it. It also reminds me of the powerful voice of fear that whispers in all our ears. It’s likely that voice that has kept us from living intentionally and passionately. It’s that voice that says, “Yeah, but what if…?”

Yesterday I put my entries in for a photographic competition in my local area.  It’s a considerable expense on my low income, and a gamble that I may at the least break even, or perhaps, be fortunate enough to win enough money to upgrade my computer and software, so I can continue with my photographic ‘habit’.

It’s been a tricky time lately.  Pixel getting the snake bite, and while nursing her, I overdid my tolerance on being in a town, so ended up not very well for a time.  Then I had an unfortunate mishap with a piece of timber, and my ribs came off second best.  These circumstances meant a change to what I’d planned to submit for the competition, and it all ended up a bit rushed to get entries in on time.  I very nearly changed my mind at the last minute, and was tempted to throw it all to the winds, but, for better or worse, I continued with the plan.  It’s now in the lap of the gods.  However, more to the point, I’ve followed through on the intention I set last October, which was to live as fully as I could for the next two years.  And yes, life has opened up more for me since I made that decision 🙂 It’s just a question of managing it as best I can.  One step – or leap – at a time 🙂



6 thoughts on “Filling the canvas

  1. My gosh. If that photo is representative of what you submitted, I’d say your chances are good. That’s gorgeous.

    Sorry to hear about your ribs and all. I’m in fine shape physically, but our weather has just kept on and on with windy, rain and cold. Now, we have another week of it ahead of us, and the bank account is dwindling rapidly. I have a tremendous amount of work backed up, but there’s no paycheck coming until the weather straightens out long enough for me to finish a couple of jobs – two of which could be done in a week! That’s not too much to ask, is it? (Well, apparently it is!)

    I’m glad you didn’t change your mind. Even if you don’t win, you already have won, in a sense. Overcoming hesitation and reluctance isn’t easy!

    • Many thanks for your vote of confidence Linda 🙂 Of course, making the selection was fraught with difficulties, and already I’m wishing I’d changed a couple of entries… but so be it.
      Can I do a sun dance for you, so you can get back to work? I’ll try it anyway 🙂 From my days of being a solo operator in my gardening business, I know how tricky it can be at times. May the winter leave your shores, and let the sunshine in, so you can be productive on the boats again!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that things have been difficult for you lately. I can relate, of course. But I also fully agree that they more you face your fears and put yourself out there, in whatever way feels right to you, the more you get back. Good luck with the contest 🙂

  3. Yes, Enivea, it is frustrating how fate likes to put obstacles in the way when we have devised some neat, little plan. Good on you for persisting. I hope the path ahead is smooth for a while.

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