Working in the garden today, doing a bit of tidying up, I came across this delightful little creature 🙂  The other frogs in the garden are usually brown, but this one is living in the Lovage bush and is much prettier.



8 thoughts on “Froggie

  1. Burl Ives. I never hear or hear of the song without thinking of that man. And what a pretty froggie. We have some tiny, one-inch long tree frogs that have that same yellow-greenish tint. But my, are they loud! The first time I met one, I searched and searched for something about a foot long. When I found the tiny thing and realized it was the one making all that noise – well, I just laughed.

    • Yes, I understand, Burl Ives wonderfully rich tones live on. I couldn’t resist the delightful uke, an instrument I adore 🙂 which is why I chose this version. Talking of tiny things and noises, I remember hearing a strange sound not unlike air being slowly let out of a ballon, and found a frog all swelled up in defence, emitting that weird noise. It’s a fallacy sometimes isn’t it – come to the quiet of the countryside, when often the natural noise is deafening! Even here lately, the noise of the parrots as they decimate the yet to ripen fruit on my apple trees is annoying loud. If they weren’t consuming all my fruit mind you, I may consider it melodious….. Last year we happily shared the crop, but this year they’ve come early, and with all their friends as well. 😦

  2. Enivea, Beautiful photos of a very handsome frog with the most gorgeous golden eyes.
    I guess you noticed in this version of ‘a froggy went a courting’ that the wedding party all got swallowed by a water snake.

    • It’s the brown ones in the soil I have trouble finding Clover, until they hop that is. This little one caught the sunlight, which is how I saw it. Once your eye gets tuned in, it’s not so hard.

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