Fred the Hero saves the day!


This afternoon Fred gave his very special intruders bark to alert me, and I went outside to find a tiger snake in the courtyard.  After putting the cats and Fred inside the house, to keep them safe, I gathered up some of the snake nets and draped them around where the snake was hiding.  Then contacted the landlord who drove over and together we dealt with the situation.  Neither of us liked killing it, but it was too dangerous to have so close to the house.  It may have been the one causing the problems, but there’s no way of knowing for sure.  What is for sure, is that Fred did a wonderful job of noticing it and telling me to come and look.  He got an extra special hug and cuddle from me 🙂



7 thoughts on “Fred the Hero saves the day!

  1. Yea, Fred! There are plenty of places for snakes to live, and they don’t need to be close to you. Keep an eye out – the one you dispatched could have some running buddies hanging around.

  2. Well Enivea, This post has answered the question of what happens if you find a snake in the snake nets.
    At Point Addis near Torquay there is an area near the cliff tops which is fenced off from the path and there is a large sign warning people to keep out as it is a breeding area for tiger snakes. I am surprised people need to be told to keep out if they are warned that tiger snakes breed there.
    Good on Fred!!!

    • There are signs along the coastal walks here also, warning people to keep an eye open for tiger snakes. Sometimes you just have to assume people are foolish and need to be told the obvious.

    • Yes, it’s not nice to kill another creature at any time. I can still see its eyes…. but I’ve got Pixel purring on my lap and that’s important.

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