Galloping along

Early this morning, Pixe took a walk out with Fred and Frank and me ( Merriwether was elsewhere) and on the way home she was lively enough to chase Fred, as has been her want.  Soooo good to see her feeling that lively, even if only for brief periods.

Yesterday a large tiger snake was seen by me in the backyard, so we’ve been on full alert.  Had two men with machines here this afternoon, and we cleared away an area that could be a refuge for slidey creatures.  I’ve put snake netting down in the area I saw it, and keep checking it regularly.  Hopefully the noise we made today has sent it away… 🙂

I tried to load a sweet picture I took this morning of her sitting smiling in the sunshine, but you’ll just have to imagine it instead….  I think it’s sunspot activity playing havoc with the airwaves again.


4 thoughts on “Galloping along

  1. Keeping that area clear’s important, for sure. When I lived in Liberia, we never, ever allowed grass to grow up around the houses. Of course, many of the snakes there lived in trees, so that was a problem.

    I’m so glad to hear Pixel’s really out and about. Day by day!

    • The snake is proving to be resilient and elusive… been seen twice but so far the nets haven’t caught it, so more nets have been purchased, and will be laid out in the morning. We’re all a bit tired of this disruption to our home. Maybe if I screech a bit on my tin whistles it may get the message and poq. After all, it’s got lots of other places to live – why choose here! Grrrr…

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