A relaxing day

Firstly, Fred says hi, he’s doing fine.  He had a good game of soccer this morning, and invited Merriwether to join in, but the invitation was declined. 🙂

Pixel is walking again, albeit just a short distance at a time.  She requested some outdoor time, and that was granted, although I kept a very close eye on her.  I’m sure it felt good to be breathing fresh air again, and feeling grass under her paws.  She’s eating and drinking small amounts, and eliminating fluids ok, which is very important.  We had a pretty quiet day overall, just what the doctor ordered 🙂  Internet connection is pretty lousy due to some weird weather so I’ll have to leave anymore for next time.  🙂


2 thoughts on “A relaxing day

    • It’s great song and group, gorgeous little kitties too 🙂 Put a smile on our faces, thanks! She’s continuing to make definite progress each day.

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