She’s home!!! Yippeeeee!

Overnight Pixel made wonderful progress, and was sitting up with front paws neatly tucked under, when I visited her this morning.  Through the day, she was able to consume some nourishment independently, and that meant her drip could be removed.  By afternoon, she was given the all clear and her discharge papers!

She was most happy to be home again, and visibly relaxed further in familiar surroundings.  Some actual food was eaten, and that will build her strength up further.  Perhaps by tomorrow she may be able to stand a little 🙂

Thank you everyone, for your wonderful support, for your love and light, for your prayers and good wishes.  We know it made a huge difference to the outcome.  Snake bite can be fatal.  But not this time thank goodness 🙂 ♥



8 thoughts on “She’s home!!! Yippeeeee!

  1. Woohooo! It must be fantastic to have her home. Hope she continues to recover well, and great job to the vets who worked their magic. And I’m sure it was your support which helped her pull through, as well.

    How is Fred?

  2. I’m just thrilled beyond words. I can just see her there, little paws tucked. What a relief to have her home. That’s always the big, important step,for a person or a pet.

    Like climbing bean, I’m wondering about Fred, too. He might be fine, or I suspect you would have mentioned. It’s about time for all three of you to stretch out, take a deep breath and let the healing continue. 😉

    • We’re still letting go, and letting the healing take place. New week ahead, let’s hope without the dramas of the last one!

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