Continued improvement

Thank you everyone, Pixel is doing better each day.  The vet allows me to spend time sitting by her cage, and stroking her, depending on what is happening in the clinic, and she certainly responds to that.  I even get to cuddle her a bit when her bedding is changed 🙂  She can lift her head a bit now, and has some movement in her rear end, and curls her front paw around my finger in response.  Once she begins to take fluid on her own, the drip can be removed and she can come home for further nursing.  Fingers crossed there will be no long term organ damage, particularly to the kidneys.

Fred got himself into mischief yesterday morning at home and suffered a bad belly ache all last night, so neither of us got much sleep.  He’s responded to treatment, and hopefully will be back to his usual self soon.  Right now he’s sound asleep, and I’ll be following his example shortly myself.

Thanks again, your support extremely appreciated♥


6 thoughts on “Continued improvement

  1. You’ve all had a rough go of it. I’m especially glad to hear that Fred’s feeling better, too. Day by day – healing takes time. Poor Pixel. How good that you’re getting to spend time with her. Patients need their family!

    • While I was spending so much time at the clinic, I could see how other patients also responded to visits by their family. One dear little dog was at death’s door last Monday, and we saw her bounce back into health by the end of the week.

  2. Oh, Enivea, So sorry to learn Pixel has had a brush with death and Fred has created his own piece of drama.
    I am sure you will feel a lot happier when you can take Pixel home for further care and nursing. Perhaps Pixel’s youth has assisted her with surviving the snake bite.

    • I think Pixel is one tough little cookie. She survived being dumped in the middle of nowhere when she was just a kitten, and now this. Let’s just hope she doesn’t try any more drama antics!

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