More news

The good news is that Pixel continues to slowly improve.  She can lift her head a little now, and has some slight movement in her legs.  She’s still on a drip, and while she has some eye movement now, her swallowing reflexes need further improvement.  It’s a slow recovery process; we’re continueing to support her system while trying to flush the toxins from her system.

The bad news is that Fred has now gone out in sympathy and we spent a mostly sleepless night with him having tummy troubles.  The vet has attended to him, and it’s a watch and wait to see what develops.  He doesn’t have a temperature, or rectal blood, which are good signs, but he’s not his usual happy self.  I’m using the library computer, so have restricted access till I return home later today.  Then it will be back into town again once I’ve checked on things at home.

Thank you everyone for your support, it really is most appreciated, and making a difference. ♥


4 thoughts on “More news

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fred’s not just upset with it all. I hope that’s it. It doesn’t make him feel any better, but at least it may resolve itself once the routine is back in order. They are such sensitive souls, and there’s no question they have relationships with one another just as they do with us.

    I’m so glad to hear of improvement, however slight. Actually, this sounds like more than slight improvement. I’ll keep hoping for continued recovery – and no backsliding!

    • I wish I could put Fred’s behaviour and illness down to sensitivity, sadly it was pure gluttony! Seems to go hand in hand with a terrier!

  2. Oh, no! I only just saw this, I hope Pixel manages to make a full recovery. Yikes, snakes :/

    Big cuddles to her and Fred; it’s always hard on the ‘other’ one when an animal gets sick. I hope to hear good news very soon.

    • Snakes and spiders are part of this landscape, if only they weren’t so poisonous! It’s lovely to have my little family together again 🙂

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