Heavy metal


13 thoughts on “Heavy metal

  1. All I can think is, “Those poor snails! All they want is something to nibble on, and they’ve been fooled!” Even worse, there’s barbed wire for them to contend with. Welcome to the world of unintended consequences, snails. Climb a pole, and see what you get!

    • Ha! It’s summer, and the snails have climbed up off the ground, to go into their hibernation. Those in my garden though are still active, due to the damper conditions.

      • What? Snails hibernate? You’re kidding. Good gosh. I don’t even have my contact lenses in yet and haven’t finished my first morning coffee, and I’ve learned something!

      • I thought I’d better check up on the information I’d blithly given out and it’s not hibernation – it’s Aestivation! Now I’ve learned something too! 🙂

  2. Lovely photography, I too am somewhat taken-a-back by hibernating snails, but then I’ve never given much thought to where they go after they have finished eating the plants in my back yard every summer.

    • Shame on you Paul! Care for the little creatures please 🙂 Did you know that a snail in ‘captivity’, well-cared for, can live to 25 years? 🙂

  3. Ah, ha! Well, estivation is similar to hibernation, but now I’ve learned two things. And if I’m ever caught thirsty in the outback, I always can squeeze that frog’s bladder for a little sustenance. Poor froggy if I do, though!

  4. Hi Enivea, The snails have certainly got the comments flowing. I guess they are so intriguing because instead of being in amongst vegetation, they are on bare metal which seems out of character for a snail.

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