Pink Petunias – NOT!


Prissy pink petunias
will probably make me puke
A pot of purple pansies,
Well perhaps they’re passable per se
No, give me snarling, yellow snapdragons
Standing three foot tall
Or fiery red hot pokers
To stare me in the face.
I want a flower that really says it all
One that tells me, “I can make the rules!”
Not for me, those hot-house fancy bits
That wilt and moan and carry on
And are over in a flash
Those are ‘sweet’ and ‘pretty’
Ugh, I want no part of that!
Give me something that is not afraid to speak
To tell the world “now here I am”
And take that centre stage!
Now the flower that really comes to mind
The one that just won’t be confined
Who dares you not to mix with her
Or she will leave HER mark indelibly all time
Is that marvelous madame, Tiger Lily!!



4 thoughts on “Pink Petunias – NOT!

  1. As someone who truly isn’t fond of pink, or even lavender, and especially powder blue, I LOVE this verse. Now, it’s true that I think white flowers are my favs, but after that – I want something that says “Shazaam!”

    Now I need to try and remember which broadway show involved a tiger lily… Oh, whoops. It wasn’t broadway, it was Woody Allen!

    • Ha, yes I remember you speaking about pink before Linda 🙂 I wrote this several years ago, and then this week bought a bunch of flowers, including the tigers, and thought it time to bring out the verse. I wear a lot of orange too – goes with the hair 🙂

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