6 thoughts on “Light and Time

  1. Just gorgeous. This looks like our “hurricane weather” – lots of steel gray and pale, pale yellow. It looks a bit like winter, too, although our gray days tend to just be gray and monochromatic.

    • Thanks Linda. It was a rare late afternoon with no wind, and perversly that made me restless for the sea, and so a quick trip out to the beach was in order. I took this just before leaving the area, and by the time I was home again, the sky turned the colour you can see on my Flickr page. While it’s meant to be summer, She is very shy, only staying for a day or so here and there, and letting winter have a final say.
      It was also a test run with my new camera, shooting under these conditions, now that I have a greater range of f-stops. This was f22 – that helped in stopping the sun from burning out, as well as a CPL filter.

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