Sun, sea and sand – almost summer

Robe has a swimming beach – but this is not it!  There are warning signs about dangerous currents and rips along this stretch of beach along the Limestone Coast and only the foolhardy would ignore them.  The beach is still wonderful to stroll along however, and Fred and I had a great time early one morning last week.  So for those who are getting into snow and winter in the northern hemisphere, here’s some almost summer for you to enjoy 🙂



6 thoughts on “Sun, sea and sand – almost summer

  1. Oh, what wonderful photos. That coast is gorgeous, in either color or black and white. I do like the photo of Fred sniffing the footprints. Well, and the colors in the first.

    Cold, wet, rainy and windy here for the fourth day. I’m not complaining, though I wish I could be at work. But the change is wonderful – very seasonal, and holiday-spirit engendering.

  2. Enivea, It looks like the kind of beach where I could happily paddle and fossick to my heart’s content.

    Today, one of the participants in the exercise class I attend recounted happy memories of eating crayfish in Robe.

    • I keep promising myself to walk to the end of this beach, but I end up getting waylaid 🙂 and isn’t that what fossicking is all about?!
      Yes, Robe is famous for its crayfish, as are some other towns along the Limestone Coast.

  3. A beautiful bit of coastline. How lovely to be heading into summer, we have a forecast for snow and freezing temperatures from tomorrow onwards. I know which hemisphere I’d rather be in right now.

    • It might be heading into summer by the calendar, but I’ve just lit the fire in the sitting room – one warm day then five cold days is what it’s like here so far…. but then again, yes, it’s warmer than in GB.

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