Remembrance Day

Most Australians will associate Remembrance Day, 11th November,  with the anniversary of armistice which ended the First World War (1914-1918)

Each year Australians observe one minute silence at 11 am on 11 November, in memory of those who died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts.

For me however, it marks the birthday of a dear friend I once had, a woman who always encouraged me and would speak plainly when she thought I needed it.  She recognised that I needed to value myself more, to speak up and be proud of my talents, and most of all, she accepted me for who I was, flaws and all.  To find a person like that once in a lifetime, is to be gifted with the greatest treasure.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMany a happy time was spent enjoying a cuppa in her garden, which was also overlooked the ocean – a great view but it did make for difficult gardening!  Nevertheless, we loved her garden, and it responded to that love.

Ricky loved the colour pink.  I did not.  So she set about changing my mind 🙂  Such was the power of her persuasion, I would eventually even tolerate pink petunias – something I NEVER thought would happen!

Several years ago, Ricky unwittingly set me upon a different path.  Her husband had died, leaving an almost new digital camera that none in the family were interested in.  She knew I had an interest in photography, the image above was taken with my old film camera, some years before, and sent the camera to me.  It opened up a whole new world…. and at a time when poor health had brought many losses, it was a beacon of hope.  The rest as they say…. is history.

My dog EJ also loved Ricky, although I think that perhaps the special treats that were provided on each visit may have had something to do with it…..    Neither EJ nor Ricky are in my life anymore, and yet they are – they are not forgotten, and especially on Remembrance Day, I pay thanks to the kindness and generosity of spirit of a dear friend.

4 thoughts on “Remembrance Day

  1. What a lovely post. And of course I smiled at all the pinks you found for remembrance. I’ve never been a pink lover, either, although I was surrounded with it in childhood. Perhaps that’s why I don’t favor it now.

    You’re exactly right about the treasure that one good friend can be. How wonderful that Ricky thought of you, and set you on a new path. You certainly have traveled a far distance along it – I have no doubt she’s watching your progress and smiling!

    • One day Linda, I’ll post the poem I wrote about pink 🙂
      It’s funny how a little bend in the road opens into a different view, isn’t it…..

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