Angle to Key West: To the End (10/26)

An amazing test of endurance – victorious!

Predictably Lost


Northwest Angle, Lake of the Woods – October 26, 2013

Up early and into the wind. Islands and a narrowing tongue of water. Thin fingered trees. Tamaracks on fire. Brown blades of grass. Cold. Thirteen miles vanish. A pair of swans soar out of the water, white as cotton, circling the sky, stretching their necks to trumpet the end like heralds. I stare at the clean line of sky cutting down the border, empty space where there should have been trees, empty space I once filled with imagination next to an old metal monument at the northern tip of America.

I imagined the Boundary Waters and Lake Superior, the Mississippi and the Gulf, the Everglades and the Florida Keys. I imagined the people I’d meet, the unknown faces turned friends, and the stories I’d hear. I imagined icy water, the sun beating down overhead, and waves rushing over the bow…

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