And so it was writ…

It was writ

Writing, like life itself, is a voyage of discovery. –Henry Miller


4 thoughts on “And so it was writ…

    • I took this at the Kingston Cemetery, and it’s of lichen on a headstone. In fact, many of the headstones were ‘decorated’ in this manner. I found the patterns quite intriguing myself Margaret 🙂 I’ll do a full post on the visit sometime with Fred and Ted. Hope you’re having a pleasant long weekend 🙂

  1. I was certain it was a stone and nearly certain it was lichen or some such, but what an interesting pattern it’s made. On the side, it looks remarkably like two hearts intertwined, with flowers inside. Of course, I’m a romantic old thing, so of course I’d see something like that!

    • Well Linda, I don’t think I’m romantic, yet I saw the hearts intertwined as well! The design of the growth probably follows the same principles as fairy rings – there’s a scientific reason which has nothing to do with fairies – but where’s the magic in that? 🙂

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