No Small Feat. (Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue.)

I get incensed when I read about mistreatment of animals, and also at the breeding programs(?) that produce something that will usually, it seems, attract exactly the wrong sort of people who just want an animal that is ‘cute’ or ‘different’ without comprehending their own responsibilities in the matter. Thankfully there are also good compassionate people like Anna and the rescue organisations!

Relaxed & Forward: AnnaBlakeBlog

WMArchie boysMeet Archie.

He got introduced by that name, but I prefer being a bit more formal with him, as a sign of respect. Archibald feels more suitable.

Here he is passing time with a couple of boys in my herd, but I distracted him with a compliment and he’s on his way over for a scratch.

This is no small feat. I have a ton of respect for this horse. It’s horses like Archie that embody the finest traits we love about equines.

I’m fostering him here for Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue. Archibald had the kind of start that isn’t unusual for a rescue horse. Neglect. There are a long list of ugly details about his herd, he was living in a junkyard with little hay and no water. The owners lived 30 miles away. Imagine the worst, and whatever your mind is picturing, it isn’t bad enough. Archie is…

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