Flower Waltz


4 thoughts on “Flower Waltz

  1. Absolutely amazing. I’ve heard glass players, but nothing like this. And look at all the bees! What is the last flower? It’s really attractive and quite unusual.

    Your collage is so attractive – makes me eager for our fall and a few more wildflowers in the cooler temperatures. ( Many of them just stop blooming when it’s in the nineties. )

    • It’s amazing what can be found on YouTube isn’t it! That last flower I cannot name, but its habitat is in river water. All the blooms in the collage are from when I lived up north, most from my garden but yes, that last one was from the river just down from the house. I’m hoping to get my present garden into bloom as I did with the last one – both had to be started from virtually nothing but weeds. It’s a satisfying task but one that cannot be rushed.

    • I was very satisfying Margaret. I built/grew the garden from nothing, and loved getting out into with my camera. It’s not just flowers that need insects – humans need them too, as without them we’d have no pollination to speak of, and then no food. Of course, there are those cultures who have insects as a regular part of their diet – something which is taking off in Australia now too! 🙂

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