The Foggy Dew

Foggy dawn

It was a gloriously foggy morn today, and it beckoned me out into the paddock to play with the young cattle.

SunriseThey came arunning too 🙂

On the hillMorning mistGenerally I’ve found the fog doesn’t like the company of the sun, and disappears not long after she arrives, so I knew I had to make the most of it while I could.

PosingRounding upThe cattle were spread about the paddock in various small mobs, but they gradually all came together…………..

Gather aroundAnd some of course, asked questions….

WhoWhile others just weren’t too sure…

whatThen we all played the game of the Pied Piper!

Pied PiperThis was fun!  But then….. some of the cattle spied the cats who were coming across the paddock to join me…. whoops!

CatsPoor Frank and Pixel had no chance against a thundering herd of curious youngsters –

Stampede– and they bolted back to the safety of the trees in the nick of time!

Got them lickedWell, that was a little adventure wasn’t it!


6 thoughts on “The Foggy Dew

  1. Your photos are wonderful. I’ve just shared them with a friend who’s started a new blog entry focused on cows – we wouldn’t want to be provincial and include only American cows!

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