Meet the latest member of the family – albeit more a foster one….  it’s Meriwether!  🙂

Day oneHe’s a two year old Merino wether ( that’s a boy without his bits) and he’s here to eat the grass down in the small orchard.

He had been running with cattle, so has some identity issues….. and this shot was taken just after his arrival when he was still quite wild.  But given a week to settle in and think things over, he’s now eating out of my hand 🙂

HulloHe’s also doing the job he’s been employed to do 🙂  Much nicer than spraying weedkiller around, don’t you think?



6 thoughts on “Introducing……

    • Once he’s finished in the orchard, I have other areas for him to deal with. Hopefully by that time, he’ll be quiet enough to come when called and that will make things simpler. Pixel had never seen a sheep before – you can just imagine the size of her eyes and where the fur was! Now she’s getting more curious, of course, and probably will find what a nice comfy fleece it is to curl up with. She soon got used to the cattle and now springs up the trees with the youngsters watching on in admiration.

    • Meriwether is fertilising the apples, so it will mostly be left in situ. I’ve plans for crawling under a friend’s shearing shed for some old rotted poo for the rest of the garden. Not the nicest of tasks, but worth the effort. I think 🙂 If it wasn’t for the foxes I’d have hens in an instant. I love hens, always have. Long time ago I had a movable A-frame for a trio of bantams – something I’d like to have once more but time will tell. Can’t gather too many creatures while this place is still for sale, and my future here uncertain. Meriwether has conversations with me while I’m working in the adjacent vegie patch… or sitting in the morning sun with a cuppa.

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