So close to Spring….

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.
Anne Bradstreet
Peace on the lakeI drove past Lake Frome again today. No, I didn’t.  I had to stop. To pause. To listen to the frogs.  The pobblebonks.  So wonderfully peaceful.

Just lately I’ve been off-line more or less, getting a different internet connection organised.  Now I’m back, and will try to catch up a bit on other’s postings as well as update here …..   although the sun keeps calling me to work in the orchard!


7 thoughts on “So close to Spring….

    • Oh yes, autumn is wonderful. My favourite season I think, but I didn’t realise this until I lived some years in an area that had two seasons – dry and hot, and dry and cold. No autumn at all. That’s when I missed mushrooms… and the scent of rain on warm earth…. 🙂

  1. Pobblebonk? Is that a frog sound? What a wonderful word! And the photo is lovely.

    I like Bradstreet’s words, although I notice she specifies just a taste of adversity. I’ve been thinking a lot about my mom, who suffered more adversity than I ever knew until after her death. I had hints, but not real knowledge. It helps now, to understand why she was so concerned with my security.

    Beautiful and though-provoking post!

    • Pobblebonk is a particular type of frog, and yes, that’s a close approximation to its call 🙂 Perhaps your mother was trying to protect you when she didn’t inform you of her adversities. Adversity is fine, but in moderation please. Just enough to build up some muscle, not so much it tears flesh from the bone….

  2. Enivea, Any hollow around here is filled with water also. The creeks, gullies and dams are brimming with water. I am enjoying the daily chorus of frogs who dwell in Forest Creek. I can hear them from the driveway of my home.

    • It bodes well for summer doesn’t it Margaret! A couple of warm days here have also brought out the mozzies….. 🙂

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