Wade in the water

It rained and it rained and it rained.  And when it stopped, and the sun came out, we took a little walk in the front paddock…. Fred, Frank, Pixel and me.


Of course, I had my rubber boots, my wellingtons, depending on which term is your preference.  The others went barefoot.

Frank, with his long hair, hates the water.  But more than that, he hates being left behind.  Where I go, he follows.  He’s sweet like that.  Ever since we rescued each other, years ago now.   Fred thought it was terrific, it reminded him of the days when we lived near the river, and he had his daily paddle – summer or winter.  Pixel, well, of course, she’s young and game for anything isn’t she!

Out there in the paddock, is a little tree.  Hanging on to life, despite cattle, despite salty winds, despite it all, it’s not giving up just yet.  Simply perfect for feline exploration.


Yep, this feels good so far….

Wade in the water

Let’s just take a little wade in the water….  and no, I had nothing to do with this, no coercion, an innocent bystander I was.

Fearless three

Pixel got about half way in, and then changed her mind….. let’s explore the other way she told the boys.


Hey Frank, look at this!

Circus act

Well then of course, it turned into a circus act, each trying to outdo the other in their leaping antics.

Finally, Pixel HAD to have the final word to say on the matter….

Watch this

Everyone watching?  Here I go!

Another leap

Much fun was had by all.  How boring it would be to go walking without my entertaining friends.  And yes, I confess….. I LOVE splashing about in puddles!  NEVER too old for that!!  Well….. not yet anyway 🙂


5 thoughts on “Wade in the water

    • Thanks Heather 🙂
      Ever since I was a teenager living in a rural area, I’ve had a cat who’d go for walks with me. In fact though, it was when I was living in the city at one stage, and walking my dog after work, that a cat suddenly appeared, and followed me home. She ended up traveling across states with me – and she liked water too!

      • That’s fascinating. I have no idea if the Melville Cat would walk with me or not, if we lived in an area where that was possible. But my guess is no 🙂

  1. Hi Enivea, My cats are strictly anti-water. I have never seen a cat wade into water like Pixel – up to her chest no less. My sister’s golden retriever likes to flop in water as a human would in a bath, only on her stomach.
    Great family photos!

    • Well today when I sloshed across the paddock, Frank decided the wind was too strong, and stayed home, and Pixel decided that without Frank it wasn’t as much fun,so it was just Fred and me. I’m wondering what Pixel will do this summer? Play in the water bowl perhaps? 🙂 Golden retriever dogs are part water aren’t they? 🙂

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