How to tell if you’re turning into a Horse.

Telling it just how it is….

Relaxed & Forward: AnnaBlakeBlog

WMeyeTo anthropomorphize is to attribute human characteristics to animals or inanimate objects. In other words, make animals over in our image. Is there a word for making ourselves over in theirs?

There are so many ways that I am totally human. I walk on only two feet in the barn, mucking and feeding and doctoring. Those are human jobs.  I have a book of checks that have Barn Account printed on them, and I’m pretty proud of what I pay for around here. Again, a human skill.

I have the Dude Rancher, he isn’t all that wild about horses, and he married me, so I must be human, right?

But between working with my extended herd of horses and riders, and taking care of everyone here at Infinity Farm, the vast majority of my time is spent with horses. It impacts how I perceive things and I notice I’m taking…

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