Japanese Red Pine, Color Infrared

If you thought film was dead in the water, this might just change your mind!

pj brez photography

Japanese Red Pine

Despite the name Japanese Red Pine, these trees aren’t naturally red. The foliage here appears pink, magenta and crimson due to being shot with Kodak Ektachrome color infrared film ( Kodak EIR ). This particular roll was quite old, being expired in 1998 and shot just last week ( late July, 2013 ). Since I had never shot super expired color infrared film before, I was really worried about the results – thinking that such an old roll of film wouldn’t produce great images. In general, the photos came out fine. They’re definitely grainy – especially in the shadows. I’m glad I took the risk and purchased this incredibly rare film.

To compensate for the age of the film, I exposed the images to more light than is normally necessary for color infrared. Typically, shooting at ISO 400 will yield great results. Yet for most of this test roll I…

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