Deep and sonorous

Listen to some Bach and let your cares evaporate….it’s not the same person as in the photographs but still…..

(Just click on to an image to view the gallery larger)

Yesterday I was incredibly fortunate to be attending a recital and this young man was the double bass player with a string ensemble.  The light was really difficult in the church for photos, and I couldn’t use a tripod, but I couldn’t resist trying as I found him to be so photogenic.  As were his brothers and mother.  Yes, a quintet all from the one family.  Not only is the family highly talented, but they play with heart and soul.  It’s a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to watch a string ensemble, and my parched heart was replenished by their amazing music.

I wished I could have been at their previous performance, written about HERE  

One can only be grateful for small mercies….  I’m still hearing their music in my heart.♥

4 thoughts on “Deep and sonorous

  1. Just beautiful. And how wonderful to find a family playing together. The family band is a great bluegrass tradition here, and gospel, too – but this is rather special. Thanks for sharing it. (And what a beautiful setting!)

    • Glad you like it Linda. The church is getting it’s own post soon, as there was a special reason for having the concert – let’s say it’s connected to raising the roof 🙂

  2. It is intriguing watching people make music live. Over the weekend, I was able to enjoy a band from Northcote High School playing in support of a school production which my nieces were participating in. The band were very cool, talented dudes who obviously enjoyed their work.

    • Sounds a wonderful evening for you and your family Margaret. I agree it’s intriguing watching people make music live, but it’s also interesting to be on the stage and watch the reactions of the audience 🙂 Music brings us to a meeting point.

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