Pixel bags a ride

Her Ladyship thought she could sneak in a little shopping trip this week…. but Fred was onto her tricks and put a stop to it! 🙂  Just a bit of fun 🙂  Those two have lots of good games together 🙂

Pixel goes shopping Pixel goes shopping.jpg2 Pixel goes shopping.jpg3 Pixel goes shopping.jpg4 Pixel goes shopping.jpg5 Pixel goes shopping.jpg6

Pixel and fred

As Fred and I both know, it pays to be quick to avoid those sharp claws!

Pixel does enjoy getting into things – baskets, boxes, under blankets, etc…. but she hasn’t reached the expertise level of Maru  – yet!  What a wonder cat Maru is!!  For those unfamiliar with this cat, be prepared for lots of laughter!


6 thoughts on “Pixel bags a ride

  1. A wonderful series of photos. I do think I like the top one most, even though it has the “least” kitty visible. Any cat owner knows that “slitty-eyed” look!

  2. Enivea, You have captured Pixel’s catness and Fred’s dogness very well. I particularly like the photo of Pixel warning Fred off – those enlarged pupils and flattened ears say a lot.

    I was amazed how many small spaces a well rounded cat like Maru could fit into – lots of laughing.

    • Glad you enjoyed the animal antics of them all Margaret !
      Pixel gives me a full belly laugh each day, and Fred seems to see the humour in it also 🙂

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