The Face of the Horse

“And if man should see
The horse’s magical face,
He would tear out his own impotent tongue
And give it to the horse. For
This magical creature is surely worthy of it.
Then we should hear words.
Words large as apples. Thick
As honey or buttermilk.
Words which penetrate like flame
And, once within the soul, like fire in some hut,
Illuminate its wretched trappings.
Words which do not die
And which we celebrate in song.”

Nikolai Alekseevich Zabolotsky,
“The Face of the Horse”
from The Poetry of Horses.

O gentle steedLast month I found this horse standing in the middle of a country dirt road.  I stopped the car, walked towards the animal, and when I was close, I stood still, and waited for it to approach me.  It did, and we had a little chat…. then I borrowed Fred’s lead, and led this wild beast by a flimsy length of cotton back to the paddock from which I thought it had escaped.  It took about 10 mins to walk back to the main gateway into the property, and then find another gate into the horse paddock.  There are no resident owners, just several horses and sheep.  It was easy to find where the animal had escaped from…even I could easily step over the fence at one point….. but the paddock I returned it to was a different one.  Judging from the manure on the roadside, the horse had been out on the road for at least a couple of weeks.  Next day I telephoned the local council.  There is great danger when any livestock are loose on the road, let alone a horse.  Apparently, others had reported the incident also, and council was still trying to contact the owners……sigh….  Horses should simply not be let to their own devices like this.  Anyway, I’ve ‘trespassed’ a couple of times since, to take apples to the horses there, and have made friends with another beside the one I first found on the road.  Wonderful kind gentle creatures…..  and by the way, this one eating apples, the one I found on the road…. is a stallion.  And never was there a kinder gentler creature with impeccable manners.   I am sorely tempted to adopt……


6 thoughts on “The Face of the Horse

    • Thanks Robyn Lee. 🙂 I want to get some more pics – it was almost dark when I took this lot and I didn’t do as much as planned. There’s still a few apples left on the tree 🙂

    • I heard recently about a dog that is kept it appears, as a guard dog on a house for the mostly absent owner. A neighbour provides food and water for the animal, but the poor creature receives no loving attention, and howls out its misery. It’s a blue heeler.
      A terribly sad situation. I wish people had to pass a test before they could take ownership of a living creature. And that our laws were better.

    • I believe it’s the disease called “Thoughtlessness” . It’s becoming quite rampant in this uncivil society. Ted says no apology needed 🙂

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