Angle to Key West: Right to Remain Silent (6/13)

This raises some very valid points – are Americans living in a police state or not – yet?

Predictably Lost


Brooklyn, NY – June 13-17, 2013

“The best part is that the same police boat pulled me over half an hour later because they thought I might be a terrorist,” I told my friend Marisol. “So I got to thank them for escorting me the last 100 yards to Manhattan.”

“What?” she laughed.

“People were calling them because I was taking so many pictures and paddled under the ferry terminal’s walkway,” I said. “But who doesn’t take pictures after paddling to New York and there weren’t any signs telling me to stay away from the walkway. That’s where the current is the lightest.”

“They pulled you over?” she said. “How do you pull over a kayak.”

“There was a dock and they told me to get out, well, I guess they asked me really,” I said. “So I went to the dock and got out and talked to them for…

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