It’s a windswept look…..

Braving the coast, on the day following the 90kph winds……at least I didn’t get blown away!

(Click on any image to see larger)


4 thoughts on “It’s a windswept look…..

  1. The photos are lovely, but I was most interested in the Robe Obelisk, which I now know is visible from twelve miles offshore, was in fact a marker to guide sailors into the bay, and which contained “stuff” that was described as “rocket rescue” materials. They actually could shoot ropes, baskets and such out to stranded ships!

    The rocks and seas and all are beautiful, yes. But an old sailor’s gotta focus where she has to focus!

    • Yes, I understand 🙂 The poor Obelisk has its days numbered…. the erosion of the cliff edge is advancing at quite a rate, especially noticeable after viewing old photographs taken decades ago. I daresay it may be removed before it comes to that…. but it’s such a landmark that it would really change the look of the area. This coastline has claimed many lives, particularly in the days of sailing ships. I’ll do a post just on that subject at a later point.

  2. Enivea, The first photograph is my favourite with the mistiness and wild sea with its beautiful colours. I also admired the photograph with the lone sea gull battling against the wind.

    • Thanks Margaret, yes the weather was rougher when I took that, then the sun came out and things changed. I’m pleased you saw the gull. That shot is part of a series I’m trying to do, called Reveal. Based on what Michael Freeman discusses in his book “The photographer’s mind” , where there’s an important element to the image that isn’t blatantly obvious at first glance. I’m finding it’s a tricky exercise, or should I say, a good challenge! 🙂

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