Angle to Key West: Welcome to New York (6/12)

A heart pounding journey!

Predictably Lost

Welcome to New York

New York City, NY – June 12, 2013

The water’s calm, quiet. I leave camp early as the sun rises. I want to steal miles from the wind, but it’s waiting for me, blowing in my face as soon as I hit open water.

I slip close to Sandy Hook and work the shallows just outside the breaking waves. The water feels like cement. I barely move. I wonder if the current is against me or if it’s just the wind.

Paddle anyway, I tell myself.

Waves crash on the deck as I reach the point. The water smells rotten and used. I press forward. I feel like I’m moving because the water flows past the hull, but the land tells the truth. It moves back in inches.

Ferries race between New Jersey and New York. They seem to fly, gliding over the waves faster than any ship I’ve seen…

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