life in the wetland

This great photographer shows us a world most would never see…..

alternative viewpoints

Wetlands are intriguing places. They are often difficult to walk on, there are lots of stories about them (dead things are often very well preserved in bogs!) and the unique living requirements cause them to host a range of species that aren’t found anywhere else. The most obvious characteristic of wetlands is that they are saturated with water, leading to both restrictions and possibilities for plants and animals.

Plants and microbes are the main constituents of the unique ecosystem that wetlands are. But with plants come more or less specialized insects, amphibians, reptiles and birds, which, together with a range of other organisms, build up marshes, swamps, fens and all the other kinds of wetland. In many places, like Finland, most of the native wetlands have been drained and turned into forest or agricultural soil – this has driven many of the specialized wetland species close to extinction.


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