Revolt Against Mongressanto: GMO Crops Torched in America

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Though a controlled media is suppressing the story, 40 tons of GMO crops were torched, prompting an FBI investigation. We The People do NOT WANT GMO, and if the Monsanto Congress does not watch their step, arson will become outright violence, and from there, even lead to revolution.

Why were sugar beets set on fire in Oregon?

by H. Michael Sweeney

copyright © 2013, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this paragraph, are included.

Who is Oregonians for Food and Shelter?

Update June 22, 2013: Additional research reveals some interesting things about the who and why behind the $10K reward offered for the beet burners… at document end.

Are Monsanto and Syngenta GMO criminals?

What you will learn reading this post…

  • People are taking the law into their own hands to kill GMO production[
  • There is an apparent media…

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3 thoughts on “Revolt Against Mongressanto: GMO Crops Torched in America

  1. Sorry – I can’t equate arson and hope. There’s been entirely too much eco-violence for my taste – even though I’m as thoroughly disgusted with Monsanto, et. al, as the next person. Just my take on it. Obviously, others disagree.

    • My hope Linda, is about people waking up to the situation. No, I don’t condone violence either. But then again, what Monsanto is doing is violence against the people and the planet. My hope, is that people open their eyes to what is happening and change their behaviour. For surely, that is the one thing we can all do – change our behaviour.

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