Back in the water

My little dog Fred grew up living by a small river, and enjoyed paddling in it most weathers, although of course, particularly during the summer.  Then we moved hundreds of kilometers away from there, away from a river, but close to the coast.  Salt water and waves are not really to Fred’s liking and so his time in water has been limited.

Recent heavy rains have seen the seasonal watercourse in the front paddock begin to fill up and during a brief sunny period today we dashed out to explore.  I think Fred was very glad to get into some water again, despite the chilly temperatures. 🙂

Back in the water

Fortunately the access road to the cottage is built up higher than the paddocks, otherwise my car would be staying put.


6 thoughts on “Back in the water

  1. Heavy rains here led to a poor alligator being washed down to the coast. He wasn’t at all happy about finding himself in the salt water of the Gulf of Mexico, and from what I hear went quietly when the wildlife folks showed up to capture him and take him back home.

    Even our mallards enjoy the freshwater puddles when we have a good rain, so I can understand Fred’s enjoyment of his splooshing about!

    • Gosh, I’m thinking the buoyancy might have been an issue for it! Just the thought of ducks splashing about has me smiling 🙂

  2. Enivea, I like the way Fred is a silhouette against the silvery background of the water. Silver water, silver sky, muted green vegetation, dark, indistinct foreground – there is a dream like quality to the photograph.

    • Many thanks Margaret, yes I processed this a little differently, to give it that quality…. still times I dream we were back at the river…..

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