A month in the countryside

For World Environment Day I thought about doing a post highlighting all the dreadful instances where greed and evil is harming the Earth.  Instead, I’ll show you some of what I have experienced over the past month in my little bit of countryside.

Rains bring fungiThe most welcome rains brought out the mushrooms, and I was over the month able to gather many meals of this fabulous fruit of the earth.

Fighting over the tree

Our early morning walks brought out a bit of madness, and there’s nothing like a bit of dashing about to warm up!

High as an eagle

Out on a walk one day we noticed an eagle out hunting – magnificent birds and great hunters, so I had to make sure my little ones didn’t get swooped up for a meal.

Ladybird haven

At this time of the year, ladybirds mass together for overwintering.  A fellow photographer had told me about this and shown me where to find some, for which I am most grateful.  There were thousands of ladybirds gathered at this site.

Golden nugget

Ah, the harvest!  Golden Nugget pumpkins, and I ended up harvesting almost 60 of these small gems.


And of course, the weather changes and there’s the flurry of a hailstorm – brrrrrrr!

Busy fingers

It is the time of year to get out the knitting needles, and create next to the fire on those cold nights, for warm woollies to wear about the place and to hopefully sell some as well.


Coming home from town late one afternoon I spied these hitchhikers standing on the side of the road, and had to stop and have a chat.  But they were happy to stay there a bit longer….

Catch of the day

This was the catch of the day, at the Robe marina – snapper!

Tourists gone

Robe is much quieter, now that the summer tourists have departed.  There’s still a few hardy souls about, but the town is settling back into a gentler pace of life.


While the people may be quieter, the plants are leaping into new growth, enjoying warm moist soils.

Yellow tails visit

Flocks of Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos are visiting the flowering gums trees, and making use of the stock troughs for water.  They are noisy birds with a distinctive cry and I love it when they visit.

Yellow and blue

In the orchard is where I’ve noticed the biggest changes, as leaves turn colour and then drop to the ground, and suddenly the area feels completely different.

Warming soup

Wonderful winter warming soup!  Nothing out of a can for me, all homemade and mostly homegrown as well.  Truly satisfying. 🙂

Golden ladies

My late afternoon walk will often take me close to these great golden ladies.  I think they have a pretty good life. 🙂

So there’s just a little slice of my life in the countryside – I’d hate to think of a polluting factory nearby, or GM seeds or any Monsanto toxins spoiling this – wouldn’t you?!


10 thoughts on “A month in the countryside

  1. What wonderful photos – especially the cows. I’m a great fan of cows, and when they get some lovely golden light for their portraits, it’s just the best.

    The lady bugs are pretty special, too. They’re such good creatures. I noticed when I was at the garden shop last weekend that their shipments of lady bugs have arrived. For just $15, you can get 7500 of them for your roses and such. They can live quite happily in the refrigerator until released, so you don’t have to put them all out at once. A few hundred here, a few hundred there, and even though they’ll eventually fly away to your neighbor’s garden, they eat bunches of aphids wherever they are, and everyone’s happy. Well, except for the aphids, I suppose.

    • Linda, I’ve got hundred of shots of cows (well steers actually) in my files, from my daily visits to a friend’s property – testimony to my love of them also. I’ve not seen the ladybugs in shops here, but am aware they are available by mail order. Great that your shops are that one step ahead in supplying ladybirds – or is it that more of them have been killed off by chemicals than over here? Perhaps a bit of both…..

    • Gee, I’d better be careful putting up the rest of my shots of the fish Eddie! 🙂 One of the benefits of living closer to the ocean is the availability of fresh fish, and I do love it!

  2. Enivea, I am glad that on World Environment Day you decided to be a beacon of light rather than a doomsayer.

    I was amused by the photo of the two cats dashing up the tree. My two cats like to dash about the house with arched tails – spring fever.

    • Margaret, it’s a fine line to walk between trying to rouse people to the plight of the planet, and pretending that all is well.
      It was very funny when the two cats tried to climb the same tree – Frank is a bit heavy to be a great tree climber, but he likes to pretend anyway, whereas Pixel is quite the monkey. I love to hear the pounding of paws dashing about the house – cats teach us that it’s good to be active, and have fun, before settling down in a patch of sunshine for a snooze. 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos. I’ll be happy to get back to a country with four seasons (not just dry and wet) where you can go mushroom gathering on misty autumn mornings in the countryside…although climate change seems to be affecting those simple pleasures.

    • Thank you 🙂 Yes, I spent a decade living where there were no four seasons, and that’s when I realised how much I missed autumn. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder 🙂 But which country were you referring to? Surely not England? It barely has a summer! 🙂

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