The Rich Man’s Teddy Bear

Staying true to our heart is surely a wonderful thing!

Mad Man Knitting

IMG_5668Just a short while back I posed the question to many of you: “Should I charge more for my teddy bears to help me get out of my financial troubles?”

There were quite of you who, thankfully, offered your opinion and your ideas. With my financial situation what it is, charging more for the bear seemed to me like the most appropriate thing to do. But, something kept tugging at me that told me not to. I didn’t want to price myself out of business (and business has been slow), and more importantly, I didn’t like the idea of my teddy bear being accessible to only a few. I don’t want my teddy bears to be “exclusive.” Coveted, yes. But, I want them available to anyone who wants one. Never do I want to hear that my teddy bear is great and adorable….but that someone couldn’t afford him. These bears…

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