Much ado about nothing

I think the title sums up the auction which took place yesterday…. or not in this case….

The long and the short of it is this – no bids were offered at the auction, despite there having been a lot of interest leading up to it, and with a fairly good attendance on the day.  So at least at this stage, it appears I’ll be staying put for a while longer.  The owners are not obliged to sell; it was more a matter of streamlining their farming enterprises.  Time will tell.

In the meantime, I’m breathing a little easier 🙂  We celebrated by taking a walk this morning out to one of the back paddocks 🙂

Celebrating Looking east


10 thoughts on “Much ado about nothing

  1. I am so glad that everything turned out well! The waiting and not knowing part is always the worst, especially when its anything to do with home. I just love your photos today, when I saw the first them I was reminded of the James Herriot movies!

    • Thank you 🙂 I loved the James Herriot books, although never got to see the movies. Glad the photos resonated with you 🙂

  2. Oh, I do agree that the waiting is the hardest part. I’m so glad that you have at least some breathing room now, and you can relax and enjoy your wonderful place in this world. The photos are just splendid!

    • Uncertainty with housing is something I ought to be used to by now, but it’s still difficult. I’ve got some ideas of landscape shots, which hopefully I’ll get down to soon. After looking through this year’s files, I’ve realised I’ve not got my usual array of them – something I hope to remedy, even though I don’t really think of myself as a landscape photographer.

  3. Enivea, There are properties around here which have been on the market for months and months so you may still be able to enjoy your current home for quite a while.

    I am glad to see the whole family joined the outing – Fred leading the way of course.

    • Yes Margaret, there are also many in this area that have been for sale not for months, but for years! I suspect the purse-strings are tightening everywhere, although this is a very good property for fattening cattle. We like to do family outings 🙂

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