Broadening one’s horizons

The bigger picture1

I was reminded by friends recently, that not all people are as fortunate as I am in having large spaces about themselves.

It’s funny in a way, because I’ve lived in other places that had a much broader view than where I find myself living now,  and so I hadn’t considered that aspect, but it’s all degrees isn’t it.  There have also been times past where I couldn’t watch a sunset from my home, nor a sunrise.  Anyway, here’s a few shots I’ve taken in the past week, showing some of the broader views I see when I drive about the region.

Naturally, the cat Pixel, has to have the final say – that’s a cat’s prerogative!

Bigger picture 2

Bigger picture 3

Bigger picture6

Bigger picture 5

Bigger picture 4

Higher perspective

It pays to get a higher perspective every now and then!


16 thoughts on “Broadening one’s horizons

  1. Not being able to see the sunset daily would change a daily habit of which I have grown very found!!!
    You are a lucky girl to have such wide expanse of land to survey daily. Beautiful photos

    • Yes, each day I’m grateful for the space around me Eddie. I can sing and dance and disturb no-one 🙂

    • There’s been a couple of inches of rain lately Clover, and that will bring the green along.
      Pixel is like an earlier cat I had called Anna – she adored getting up high. Not always a wise thing though as it sometimes required a rescue!

  2. Pixel’s such a beautiful kitty. I wish my Dixie Rose were so svelte! And those vistas are marvelous. I remember what it was like to drive across West Texas after living in the Salt Lake Valley surrounded by mountains for a year. I suffered a little vertigo with all that horizon, until I got used to it!

    • Pixel is a great eater, possibly a reaction to her time of being homeless, but we go for good walks most days, and that helps keep us both a little trim 🙂
      Mountains….sigh, I do miss them. Around here, anything that is a slight bump is called a Mount or a Range – it took me months to understand this!

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