Normal and natural

Many times people say – “Oh there’s not much I can do” when in point of fact, that is not the case.  We can all make a difference in this crazy sad cruel world, if we simply care enough.

Take the case of eggs.  Well, a carton of eggs.  Purchasing eggs from caged hens is guaranteed to ensure hens continue to endure horrible insane conditions.  The same applies to meat birds.

Listen to this report by ABC Bush Telegraph, and hear how even a hardened reporter is confronted by the mass of birds living under such conditions.

Purchase eggs direct from a producer you can trust, or from a trusted source of genuine free range eggs.  Beware of false claims.

How a society treats its animals is a sure predictor of how it treats the vulnerable members of its community. 

I’m old enough to remember when chickens weren’t raised in this manner.

I’m old enough to remember when Live Animal Exports didn’t exist.

I’m not advocating that we all become vegetarians.  That is a personal choice.  We must be responsible in our choices.


Edgar’s Mission  

Here’s a wonderful compassionate farm that is doing some wonderful work in teaching people how to care.  It all began with a pig called Edgar. 

I once had a pig – his name was Horace the Hairy Pig.  He was smarter than any dog I’ve ever had, and very lovable.  He loved going for rides in my ute – not in the back but right up in the front seat thank you very much!   Horace played a great part in my real education.  I miss him still.  Factory farming of pigs is absolutely horrendous. 

Go for a drive in your car past a pig factory – you’ll find it by the smell.  Then try stopping near it for a while.  Then ask to view the premises.  If by chance you happen to get access, I guarantee you’ll never eat pork again that comes from such a place.  You won’t if you have any soul left that is…….


2 thoughts on “Normal and natural

  1. You’re not alone. Take a look at this post from a couple who’ve begun a sustainable, organic farm in Virginia. You might even want to follow the blog – it’s filled with wonderful things.

    I’m lucky enough to be able to get farm eggs now and then – the bad news is they’re often sold out at our farmers’ market. The good news is there are people willing to pay more for the real thing!

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