Faith and The Greater Good.

Can anyone help? For the Greater Good? I sure hope so ♥

Mad Man Knitting

imag0351Its just a touch after midnight. You’ve all read about my infamous inability to sleep. Today was a touch different. I got about 3 hours last night trying to push out some orders, get some work done, and stay on track. But, I derailed this morning, pushed myself into something of a corner. I was a bit like a zombie. Glossy eyed and staring at the needles as I worked SLOWLY, much slower than usual.

I’ve had some stress lately. I still haven’t made my rent. Sales this last month were dreadful. That coupled with the lack of sleep has just made me, well….to be simple and blunt: a little scared. So, I set the needles down for a while today, and lit a candle. I have a prayer candle I picked up over at the Cuban grocer’s just for this sort of thing. It’s a candle of the the…

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