Is it a green Martian?

Lurking in the garden this morning, was this visitor…..perhaps a little shy at first….


And then slowly got a little bolder…..

Shy one

Until there was no stopping the poses!


Here’s the ” ‘armless one” 🙂


Whoops, caught in the act!


Measuring the leaf…….

Still not sure

Still not sure though…..


Might have to ponder it a while longer.

Hullo all

Yep!  That’s the answer!


This is our cover shot for Nature Magazine!


Bye bye, it’s been a fun visit 🙂


9 thoughts on “Is it a green Martian?

    • Yes I am lucky Margaret! I’m beginning to find a greater range of insects as my garden develops further and a more diverse environment appeals to the little critters.

  1. It’s amazing to this this fellow stayed around long enough for you to capture all these poses! Such insects are usually quite flighty when one gets a camera in hand!

    • It’s funny Clover, I don’t have much trouble with insects and camera – it’s the birds who will be close by chatting to me that disappear when I bring out the camera!

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