Equinox storms

The vernal equinox this March brought the expected storms to many areas, and while thankfully I escaped from the cyclone that passed through Victoria, the garden did suffer from the hours of 50kph winds.


The apple trees planted close to the house suffered from the buffeting winds, protected though they are by various structures, and a great many of the yet to ripen crop fell to the ground.




Fred helped to collect some of the fallen fruit…….

040.JPGre……. until he got distracted….. he’s always been a bit partial to some apple ๐Ÿ™‚


Pixel naturally took a higher view of the situation.


She’s becoming a very proficient tree climber.


Incredibly, these apples were naturally placed like this, in a perfect arc at the leaf edge of a tree.


Over in the vegetable garden, the climbing beans didn’t fare too well.ย  The fruit down low was ok, but the leaves up higher got severely bashed about.ย  They will recover but it will effect the cropping for a couple of weeks.


I’ve been trying to get windbreaks to protect the garden better, but it takes time and resources…..ย  and now I’m not quite sure on how to proceed as the other storm that hit me was news that the property I’m renting is to be sold soon.ย  When I moved here six months ago, it was on the understanding I’d be here for the long term, so it’s been quite upsetting to have this change thrust upon me.ย  All the work I’ve put into making a garden may not bring the return that I expected.ย  It all depends on what the new owners will intend to do with the property, and that is something that only time will tell.ย  I’ve still 6 months left on my lease, and I’m trying to remain positive about the situation, although it has altered my plans on further major developments on the garden until I know if I’m able to stay or not.

I’d hate to think I’d have to go and twiddle my thumbs in an old folk’s unit ๐Ÿ˜ฆย  Maybe it’s time to take to the highway…..


8 thoughts on “Equinox storms

  1. Enivea, I loved the photographs you used in telling the story of the wind damage in your orchard and vegetable garden. The top photograph of the storm clouds is so dramatic – you knew trouble was on the way. I am glad to see Fred and Pixel helping out in their own ways.

    The high winds passed relatively quickly but you now have to weather the storm of not knowing what your housing future will be. You have invested so much in your current property both physically and emotionally because it was to be a long term stay. I hope the new owners will want you to continue to rent the house and garden rather have you leave.

    • Margaret, I really appreciate your kind wordsโ™ฅ I feel like I’m on a roller-coaster at the present time.

    • Well, the flowers didn’t escape, but the seeds are setting and may provide some nourishment over winter for the birds. The stalks are combined into a structure now, which supports them and in turn they are protecting other plants. There’s another couple of later planted sunflowers elsewhere just coming into bud, so fingers crossed they go full term ๐Ÿ™‚

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