Brown paper packages tied up with string…..

I mentioned a while ago that I was doing some knitting, and was hoping to return to spinning wool also.  Well, I’ve continued with the knitting at least – the spinning has to wait until I’ve got the garden ready for autumn plantings.  The items I’ve recently completed will be winging their way across the oceans to a friend, but I’m giving you a sneak peak now 🙂


A cap, a beret and a cowl, to keep the cold at bay, in the northern climes.  I know it’s getting late in the season, but better late than never…..


I used patterns I hadn’t tried before, as I’m determined to experiment as much with my knitting now, as I have done with my photography!


A striped beret, surely always a fashion statement 🙂


Last year I knitted many scarves, but this year it is cowls that take my fancy.  I’ve been collecting patterns and variations on the theme and that should stop me from getting bored.

Knowing that I’d not have a chance to spin wool for a while, I hunted on the net for some organic wool, my preferred yarn.  Suzy hausfrau yarn store took my eye, and I sent off for a small amount of wool to try.  My order was promptly despatched, and with great excitement I collected the package from my post office.  Once I removed the outer packaging, I was charmed to see this:  Brown paper packages

Remember the song?  “…….brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things….”

So nice to not have plastic wrapping.  Bonus points to Suzy I reckon.    And then, the unwrapping…..

Two balls

Two balls of chunky organic wool, and they smell wonderful – just like they ought to, and not filled with chemicals!!  The wool feels fabulous, and I’m really looking forward to working with it.


I’m so happy with them, I’m about to order more!  Also taking my eye, at Ecoyarns is some handspun silk.….I could ply this with some of my homespun merino…..ah, the choices are endless, curtailed only by my miniscule budget.

If you need convincing on going organic with wool fibre, have a read of the entries on wool by O Ecotextiles, a WordPress site with amazing information on what takes place in the processing of textiles and fibres.  The consumer CAN make informed purchasing choices which help to reduce the polluting practices on this Earth, our Earth, the only one we have to live on!


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