The South East Field Days 2013 – a different perspective

This roving reporter visited the South East Field Days at Lucindale on Friday and came away with a few comments from the other visitors and participants.  Just hover the mouse over the image to see what they said……

There were competitions for working dogs, those wonderful kelpies, but I’ll put them in a separate post.  It was a great day, and already I’m looking forward to next year!


4 thoughts on “The South East Field Days 2013 – a different perspective

  1. Hi Enivea, The photographs and amusing comments are proof you had a good day.

    That model wombat gets about. It is also at the Chocolate Mill at Hepburn raising funds for the local wildlife rescue shelter. It is strategically placed outside the toilets where it can’t be missed.

    • Thanks Margaret, yes it was good to attend, and hopefully I’ll be there next year. Interesting that the wombat has friends elsewhere, and I hope it is successful with its efforts. I think it may have been a different wombat who posed for the poster on this site of a local author. I love the posters and have three of them including the wombat – highly appropriate as I have one living under my house!

    • I’ll put up the pics of the working dogs soon, and some other aspects too. Field Days are a great snapshot of Aussie rural life. They had a scarecrow competition but sadly I didn’t have time to see it.

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