2 thoughts on “Skippy, the bush kangaroo

  1. Enivea, Now that I am living in central Victoria, I am seeing kangaroos and wallabies quite often especially when I am walking or driving through the bushland around Castlemaine and Maldon.

    Unfortunately a lot of the animals are dead beside the road. Someone said the very dry weather we have had over summer has meant kangaroos and wallabies are travelling further in search of food and water. I am used to seeing the occasional dead animal beside the road but there have been higher numbers than usual over the past 5 months. It is sad to see wild animals fall victim to our need for speed.

    • I’ve heard Margaret, that Tasmania has even more road kill than usual this year also. Humans drive at speeds they choose to get from A to B, without considering road conditions and other road ‘users’. Typical human arrogance. Today I found a young kangaroo alone in a patch of trees, and it was obviously in trauma. Old enough to survive on its own, but missing its mother who possibly had been hit on the road, as that paddock adjoined the highway. I wish there was a nighttime speed limit of 80kph – the speed recommended by wildlife protection agencies which have studied reaction times and come up with that as a safe figure. Safer for the animals and safer for the motorist. I simply don’t drive at night at all.

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